You are in control. . .until you aren't. Pretty straight forward and simple premise to work with, eh? Is that one of you greatest fears? To no longer be in control of of basic and rudimentary decisions that you used to make without a forethought? I'm sure you are . . . but if the idea didn't excite you, then you probably wouldn't have entered the site . . . nor would you be reading this far.

* That's why you are here. * That's why you are *still* here. * That's why you are going to stay.

So go ahead and reward yourself with freedom. Freedom from being inundated with extra cash burdening you. Freedom from the ego you try hard to preserve. Once it's gone, it will become maintenance free. Freedom to be the freak that we both know you truly are.

So labor for Me puppy. Suffer for Me. The most satisfying reward that you can imagine is now within your reach. The satisfaction of knowing that you have pleased and fulfilled your Superior. It's an indulgence most men never get to experience. This reward is no longer an elusive, transparent, dangling carrot. I'm here, I'm real, and I'm ready to take possession of you.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what you are doing, your mind is going to be on Me. What is My Fuhrer doing? Will She be pleased with me? What else can I do for Her? Do you have any doubt that I will be the single most important element of your life? I don't.

It's OKAY to be GAY!!! (HD)

  • It's OKAY to be GAY!!! (HD)

    Society, parents, teachers, clergy. . .they all tell us the being gay is WRONG.In most cases I'd agree with the assessment above. But in YOUR case. . .ITS OKAY TO BE GAY!!!! You know that you aren't worth jack or doo doo to women. . . .BUT THAT IS OKAY!!!! That is why I'm encouraging you to be gay.




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